tidal in my system in dac but still sending signal to my theatre room and living room

Ok sorry i’m sure this has been addressed I searched and just got more confused .I want to begin to stream tidal in my dedicated room I have a Bel canto dac3e ( usb or rca ) and would like to run into that for dac . I want to be able to store music also from the stream and my other sources .I would like to get the stream even at lesser quality( obviously without my dac ) in my home theatre room and maybe my living room, am I dreaming ?
.Do I need to have a dedicated computer for this setup ?

I am willing to go 2k and expand into other rooms after . Also I am on satellite internet at the highest rate I can achieve in my rural area . We can live zoom etc but Netflix can glitch at times my  signal runs through orbitz wifi with satelittes through the house .I can run an ethernet cable to the router from my dedicated room .
If I run the hardwire do I run the cat 8 ? and what if any benefits will I achieve if I upgrade my router with satellite internet ?

All things considered I feel like if I can download the music say at night and listen later will this help my cause ,or is it the same basically as listening to the stream live .

I am a novice to streaming and it will not be my main source of listening I just like the convenience and ability to keep up with the changing times and of course explore new music But don’t want to have mp3 quality etc.

Thank you everyone
You seem like a good candidate for a BluNode 2i. Then you will have access to web radio and it plays hi rez local files via USB flash drives and/or hard drives/SSD.
Or a NAS if you want to spend the $$. If you subscribe to Spotify you'll have access to a huge library on demand. With Spotify Connect and a Tune-In app you can access the via a $30 Roku stick in the HT room. You'll get decent sound w/o chewing up bandwidth AND it is adjustable.

I was hoping for tidal, and the blue node will not store music unless I store on my computer right .I was hoping for storage If I ran the blue node in another room that would work also the tidal server right