Tidal login problem using Oppo Sonica

Two weeks ago I tried to log in to Tidal hi-fi using my Sonica streamer but couldn’t . Since Sonica has gone out of business and hasn’t changed their software I can no longer use the streamer in my Sonica. Anyone else have this problem? I emailed Tidal and got the run around that it’s an Oppo issue but Oppo hasn’t changed anything Tidal had to have changed software. Oppo suggested using Mconnect. I looked at it but don’t know which app to select. Any other solutions? 


just tried and couldn't log in...I've been logging in successfully on this machine for 6 years

I have a highly modified Ric Schultz/EVS Sonica, and now it's looking like a great DAC/Preamp and no longer a streamer...

I dropping Tidal. Support is responsive but only have 1 line. It’s someone else’s fault. I’ll buy a Wiim streamer for $150. 

The same happened with my Oppo app I used for  my 105 /Tidal streaming. Oppo customer service said it was something on Tidals part, not theirs, and there was nothing to do about it, but as @soix pointed out, the M Connect app is now working just fine as an interface. 

I have both a Wiim Mini ($99) and Pro ($149) streamers and both work great. (I also have several Raspberry Pis and Quadra Inovatos that I use as streamers.) The Wiims are among the easiest to set-up computer-type devices I've ever had, and support a broad range of streaming services. (I use mine with Qobuz and my local collection.)  The only caution is that the Mini only has optical out (though it does support 24/192K) while the Pro has both optical and coax. Neither has USB out.  In short, a great way to add streaming service playback to your system at a very reasonable price.

As Oppo has suggested, using a different app like Mconnect may be a possible solution. Mconnect is a third-party app that can be used to stream Tidal to your Sonica streamer. You will need to download the Mconnect app onto a mobile device and connect it to your Sonica streamer. From there, you should be able to access Tidal and stream music to your Sonica. 

It maybe short sighted but I dislike subscriptions. The idea of paying $60 @yr for as long as I have the Oppo is distasteful. I might be short sighted and foolish but it maybe time to sell the Oppo.

Don't. The Oppo is a beautifully built machine. Mconnect allows me to stream Tidal right through the Oppo

I decided to sell the unit and took the hit. I’ll try a Geshelli with the new ak 4399 chip. Using a wiim to stream . Have  a couple of weeks before the dac arrives. I choose aquarium glass with white.