TIDAL: No EQ is a major oversight

Regarding TIDAL for iOS & macOS:

First of all, I love the song selection and you simply can’t beat the Master sample rate w/ MQA (bravo there!), but how does an industry-leading hifi service like Tidal not include EQ natively? Someone hasn't done their homework regarding what audio enthusiasts really want. Equalization is mandatory.

It’s not uncommon for hobbyists, such as myself, to spend up to a $1000 or more on headphones. Not having EQ is like buying a top of the line TV without any ability to adjust the color, brightness, etc.

Basically, Tidal nailed the signal quality but missed the bigger picture. How the music is actually received changes with different gear. All headphones have unique sound signatures, which are biased to particular genres. One size fits all doesn’t work in the audio world. A hifi service that leaves out the user’s individual method of listening to the music and his/her particular tastes is half-baked.

I'm just hoping someone from Tidal reads this and includes this basic, ESSENTIAL feature somewhere in the near-future. My only prerogative is making this a better experience for audiophiles and that's a win-win. Hopefully, there are more people in my camp and we can spread the word. 
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Point me to another lossless streaming service that has EQ please.

@acman3 That's Roon. :-) 
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Isn't that why they make component EQs? Since I added a Schiit Lokius to my system, I adjust incoming Tidal music to my own room and tastes.