Best Buy is offering today only, (it's one of their deals of the day) a year of TIDAL Hi-Fi for just $49.99!


What a great deal.  Not affiliated in any way...
If you sign up for Third Man Records' Vault Releases you can get Tidal HiRez for $5/month.
Just dumped Tidal, staying exclusively with Qobuz. Studio Premier FLAC 24-Bit up to 192 kHz. $149- for the year.
Be VERY VERY careful with this deceptive company!  I signed up for an introductory offer and absolutely could not get them to stop charging my credit card upon cancellation.  I was forced to dispute the charges every month, which ultimately led to my having to cancel the credit card.  I filed complaint after complaint with their "customer service" department and sent them a PM through FB all to no avail.  All I kept getting was refer to our refund policy, which was very circular, with a closing of my dispute.

My advice is to try purchasing the special with a one-time visa gift card- not sure if that will work.  Caveat emptor to say the least! 
@cubbiesman  - Which company? Tidal or Best Buy? For this "deal" Best Buy holds the subscription and managers the auto-renewal.
Who listens to Neil Young? Go to his concert and 1/2 of it is all political BS. I switched and I had to go thru Roon for a couple of days to re-enter all my Tidal favorites. I found a bunch of new albums that I didn't have before and it was very easy to do within Roon.