Best Buy is offering today only, (it's one of their deals of the day) a year of TIDAL Hi-Fi for just $49.99!


What a great deal.  Not affiliated in any way...
Interesting. The offer also says it auto-renews at $119.99/year. That's 1/2 off the regular price, correct?
This appears to be their ‘HiFi’ tier and not their highest, ‘Master’ tier.
Tidal's standard tier is called "Premium". The tier that supports hi-res MQA is called "HiFi". That's what I saw on their website. 

Regular price for premium is $9.99/mo. Regular price for HiFi" is $19.99.

Someone who has the high tier Tidal subscription, please correct me if I am wrong.
They appear to be hurting for business. Over the holidays they ran $5 promo for five months. I dumped them a year ago....Qobuz is currently the best streaming service in US for a bargain price of $149.99 / 12 months. 
If you go to Tidal.com and scroll down a little it lists Master, HiFi and Standard as the levels of quality in decreasing order.
Correct. The "HiFi" tier support both hi-fi file resolution, as well as Master file resolution (MQA).
Thanks, apparently what I was looking at is quality levels/tiers and not subscription tiers. I went to Tidal.com and, just under ‘elevate your sound’ it shows the 3 quality levels which I mistakenly correlated to subscription levels. I have the highest level and enjoy it very much.

Sorry for causing any confusion but I have to admit to still not understanding this, which is what reubent was questioning in the first place - the Best Buy link for the sale shows ‘HiFi’ with the auto renewal price being $119 for 12 months - this would seem to indicate the lower level subscription at $9.99 per month since 12 months at $19.99/month comes to $240.

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The BestBuy promo sale (today) is:

12 months @ $49.99 for Tidal HiFi (highest tier) and the offer says it auto-renews for $119.99/yr.

12 months @ $39.99 for Tidal Premium (lower tier) and it auto-renews for $79.99/yr.


That seems like a great promo price and also a great renewal price. Seems like a no-brainer for someone wanting to get into Tidal at a great price.

Am I missing something, or is this a Best Buy?
Am I missing something, or is this a Best Buy?

That's the way I read it.  That's why I posted it.

Seems like a no-brainer for someone wanting to get into Tidal at a great price.

Jumped on this offer when I saw it mentioned here this morning in this thread.  Would’ve held out for Qobuz (tight budget these days!) but just got a Node 2i last week and couldn’t pass this up at this price.

Really enjoying it!!
I've had both Tidal and QOBUZ for a year, but was thinking of dropping Tidal to save a few bucks.  Well you just solved my problem!  Thanks Mofi.
That's pretty funny I just fired Tidal a few weeks ago to go exclusively with Qobuz. Maybe I will sign back up for $5 a month its a crazy deal and for $10 it's still excellent.
Mofi thank you for the alert!I've been curious about streaming for a while and when I saw this and that the stream is lossless WTH. Signed up and waiting for email confirmation to start...
Yes: Tidal offers 40% discount to Veterans, so I pay $11.99/month for the HiFi level subscription (highest level). I find it an excellent value...
There’s a catch you need to have a Bestbuy credit card account with them 
I pay $80 for 12 months hifi subscription few months ago 
Great post, Mofi.

I went through the transaction process and I didn’t need a Best Buy credit card account, but I did need a Best Buy user account. 
kgturner, about 10 minutes after purchase I received email "Activate your new TIDAL HiFi subscription now"
Then you choose which app - Desktop (can play highest level "Master"), chrome or Firefox or android, apple.
The only step then is it asks to select 3 or more music favorites from a list. I selected at least 50 from most genres. It then made a Welcome Mix from that which I am greatly enjoying right now.
I just ordered  it from Best Buy. I had a $40.00 discount on my account. Cost me $11.00, now that’s a smokin deal.
Thanks. I got the email a couple of minutes after I posted. Been on the fence about trying Tidal. At that price, it was a no brainer.
Thank You @mofimadness 
Now I have 2 problems.
I cannot get the Android app to control the desktop app. And the Tidal playback is much better than my file based (FLAC) playback using Foobar. The hardware is same for both playback. But Tidal sounds amazingly detailed and musical at the same time. Amazingly tight bass and spacious.
Of course Tidal massacred Spotify, as expected. Nothing new there. The definition inTidal playback is so good that it seems I was committing a crime by subscribing to Spotify.
@jpwarren58 I was wondering the same thing. LMK if you find out, I’ll do the same. 
Thank you Mofimadness!  My free trial ends in two weeks so this worked out for me.
Thank you mofimadness for the heads up! I had cancelled Tidal a few months ago. I was able to use my old Tidal email address and password to login to Tidal through my Roon account. All the albums from Tidal that I had put into my Roon library before were re-populated. Very cool.
Thanks for the heads up, MoFi. I just purchased a Cocktail Audio Streamer and I jumped on this deal. I am on a free trial on Qobuz and this deal is too good to pass up. I was going to do a Tidal trial next to see which service I wanted.
I got around to seeing this around 1:50 AM on the 20th. At this time the only way to get the hi fi Tidal for 49.99 for the first year is to buy it with a Pop Smoke, vinyl album I have no interest in, for 29.99.
Just my luck! Still a good deal at $80 for the fist year, but I don't like the principle. 
Will have to think about it....not the no-brainer that was descryesterday. rday.
Just saw this post last night and decided at that price to try it. Easy to purchase and setup and have already populated a large list of songs. This looks like it can be as addictive as the audio game itself!
   Thanks for the post by the way.
Thank you for this post! I just converted my $239.88 Tidal Hifi 12 month bill to $49.99! Only need a BB user account, which I already had. No BB credit card needed. Thanks again!
@mofimadness  - After mulling over this all day, I finally created a BB Account and ordered this @ about 1 am (EST). I've been contemplating a high-res streaming service for a couple of years, and this pushed me over the edge. I'm a frugal guy by nature and I hate subscriptions. But I couldn't pass this one up.

Now, to buy a streamer..........

And a demo of Qobuz for comparison......

Qubus wanted 249 per year not 149. Where is coming from?
Qobuz gives you a 2 month discount if you pay by the year. With US tax it comes to $158.99.



Welcome to the world of unlimited music! There are plenty of threads here on devices to consider....for starters you can’t go wrong with Bluesound Node 2i. 

I will probably go with a BlueSound Node 2i, but might get a Vault 2i and rip some of my 2500 CD collection to it. First want to find our what(if any) CDs I own that are not in the Tidal (or Qobuz) library.

I'm an avid user of Spotify Premium and I love it's functionality, recommendations and deep library. I hope I'm not disappointed in Tidal (or Qobuz).

Vault 2i is great if you want to rip your CD’s. I also own Vault 2 which is strictly used for ripping CD’s and backup to my Aurender N10. Spotify is great as far as user interface and content. Only quirk, low resolution streaming. I don’t think Tidal or Qobuz can match the content of Spotify but they do offer better streaming quality. I doubt you would hear day n night difference with Vault 2i. Now if you plug Vault into a decent external DAC, that maybe worthwhile keeping Tidal or Qobuz. That’s what trial is for, listen n compare and decide for yourself what’s more important, content or sound quality. 
This sounds like a good deal.   I'm current Tidal HiFi subscriber at $19.99/month.  Does anyone know if I can apply this discount to my existing Tidal account?   or do I have to start a new account and cancel my existing one?

Thanks very much.
I bought one but am a current subsciber on the month to month. Here is what you must do.


TIDAL Support (TIDAL) 

Jan 20, 2021, 9:41 AM EST 


Thank you for reaching out to TIDAL. My name is Nancy and I will be happy to help you with your Best Buy promotion.

The Best Buy promotion can only be added to inactive accounts.

You have two options:

1- You can keep the same account xxxx, but you will lose the remaining time that you have paid for. I would need to deactivate it then we can apply the promotion. (if you chose this option please send your best buy code so we can apply it).

2- You can create a new account with a different username and apply the Best Buy promotion. To avoid double billing you will need to cancel the previous account. We can help you transfer all your playlists and favorites to this new account.

Please let us know which option you choose.

Best Regards,

Great.  Thanks @jmbumgarner01.   I'm actually going through this exercise right now.   I wanted to choose option 1, but not sure if I'm going to lose all my favorites.   I'm waiting to hear back from Tidal.

I'm curious which option did you choose?  if option 1, did you get to keep all your existing favorites?

Just a quick update.   I was able to apply the new subscription onto my existing account with the help of Tidal support,  all my favorites are preserved.

This is a great offer.  It's basically half the price I've been paying.  Thanks for sharing.
Curious why this came in today's email. Jan 20.
Promo was yesterday. Am I missing something?
(besides the promo that I do not need)
If you sign up for Third Man Records' Vault Releases you can get Tidal HiRez for $5/month.