Tift Merritt Traveling Companion Box Set

I recently picked this up and wanted to share with the group. This is one of those purchases that you just feel really good about--the packaging is phenomenal and it includes a lot of extra goodies that make it really worthy of "collectable" status--three LP set (two are the original "Travelling Alone" and one contains acoustic versions of many of the songs from the original album), very nice pressings on heavy duty vinyl (at least 180g), a hardbound lyrics book, artsy postcards in a nice rice paper jacket, CD versions of both the original LP and the acoustic album. I don't know who was behind this effort but I tip my hat to Yep Rock records for investing the money in such a wonderful tribute. I haven't finished listening to the whole thing yet but the acoustic album is pretty well recorded and the vinyl is very quiet. I saw Tift in a library in Bergen County NJ about a year ago and she was delightful. If you ever find yourself scratching your head over some of the $50 LPs you routinely add to your collection, this set (which I got for $35) will restore your faith in value for money vinyl purchases. Enjoy!
Marc...I agree!!! I bought this when it first came out and it's one of my favorite vinyl purchases ever.

Exquisitely done BoxSet with excellent sonics.

Highly recommended.
Tift is a massively under-appreciated talent and treasure. She needs better PR. Her material stands for itself.

Agree about the ridiculous prices for alot of todays new vinyl. Most are way overpriced for what you get. One recent exception was the new Wood Brothers " The Muse ". A 2 LP set of heavy, FLAT vinyl in a nice gatefold album for $25. The sound is excellent to boot,surfaces are quiet, and Im sure these lps are 200 gm. How can a small band do such a great job while alot of the majors continue to foist noisy, warped overpriced dreck on us?
Totally agree. I saw her here in NC on her last show. Wonderful! Bought the 2lp set, (by the way, it's cut at 45rpm). Loved it so much I just recently bought the boxed set for the additional acoustic lp!
Now that I have both versions of "Traveling Alone", I can competently expand on their differences.

The 2 lp set, which is cut at 45rpm is no match for the "Traveling Companion" box, cut at 33rpm.

In comparison, the (2) lp set is not cut at the appropriate speed as to mimic a faithful reproduction! Comparing the two issues, the "Traveling Companion" set is much more faithful to the real thing. ( I saw her at her last show in Raleigh, NC). The (2) lp set is dark and slow.....in timing. The "box" is at the correct speed, although not perfect. The bass is overdone, but the upper mids to the treble region are pretty damn good!

Tift is an artist on the rise. She is not to be taken lightly!!!!!
Thanks for the heads-up Dodgealum. She's been one of my favs for a long time. I'll have to pick this one up.