time for a new system...what though

ive got a old used linn system and i want a more studio sound now or more of a musician in the room vibe.
so ive come here to ask if anyone has a reccomendations on a system for me..
i want a CD player and a Intergrated amp and a pair of speakers(standmounts for now)...
i'm into spending a grand(roughly) new or used on the amp and roughly the same on the other components---i would like to buy used though as it would keep the budget lower(aint rich).
i listen to guitar based music,rock,blues ect and some electronica.....i want to hear space around my instruments not all cluttered and some toe tappin factor as well....
i live in a remote area(no hifi shops) so some input would help in my research b4 i go and buy...
I've been doing extensive research for a system along the same budget and find that the following are top or near the top of most people's lists:
1. Rotel RCD-1072 New $699 - Editor's best buy - TAS or Creek CD 50 MkII - $1500 new
2. Creek 5350SE int amp - 85 WPC -New $1500 - $1K used - Stereophile Class A (I just bought it used)
3. Speakers: I have Proac Response 1s - older design, and Totem Signature 1s, which are both exceptional in upper frequencdies and tonal balance and would meet your $1K limit used, but dont go down far enough in the bass for what you listen to - TAS recommends Definitive Technology BP 7004 at $1,500 new which have a powered subwoofer section built in.

Just my 2 cents.
Good luck.
Creek A50i integrated and Epos M12.2 speakers. Don't expect slammin' bass or the ultimate in detail retrieval but otherwise could meet your criteria.
Here is what I would consider if I would have to start new:

Jolida JD100 Tube CD player
Jolida JD302B or JD502B Integrated Amp
Monitor Speaker suggestions: GMA Europa, Soliloquy 5.0 or 6.0,
Spendor S3/5ASE

I really like the P.R.A.T. of my Jolida 302B amp (better than the Linn system I had before). Very dynamic, very musical. Wonderful midrange. Bass is reasonably tight after swapping tubes to Svetlana. Also very quiet for a tube amp (even compared to solid state). The speakers are a little more difficult, although I have heard good things about the Europas or Soliloquys in combination with the Jolida amp. Also you still have some money left for better tubes, and cables if you buy used.

Good luck.

Have you seen this article?
Green mountain europa monitors ($1000 new),
Densen B-100 amplifier ($1000 demo from www.audiooutlet.com).

I used to play in a band and we were in and out of a local studio over several years. The above amp-speaker combo I currently own is the closest sound I've ever heard to the mixing room (the studio used Acoustic Energy AE1s to mix, and I think the europas are equal possibly better for half the money). The stereo imaging of the densen-GMA combo is amazing, and really gives you that "musicians right there in front of you" feeling. It's a really transparent system ... I don't think it colors the source in any way.

I can't recommend a CD player as I'm not up on the latest ones. If I was going to demo CD players at $1000 I'd probably line up a Creek, Rega, Arcam, Cyrus. For used players I'd look at Meridian, Naim CD5, and Densen B400 (rare as hens' teeth).