Time/Process of Hooking up New Equipment

Does anyone else ever felt this way?  My new amp arrived with cables and I want to wait until the weekend to hook it up.  I don't want to rush through it after work when it is dark and I am tired - almost rushing to get through it.  I want to make it a longer event and have time to listen to my existing system, then do the work to hook it up (a bit of a pain) and then rest and have time to listen to the new amp.  Maybe stretch out the fun and be fresh on a Saturday morning.  What is everyone's timing / process for installing new gear and the before and after listening?  


Today I pickedup my new audio ethernet swtich and linear power supply on the way home from my 5 hour hike this morning (13.5 miles).  I showered and drank some liquids before I installed it--30 minute delay.  was listening in 45 minutes from the time I walked in the door.




We are on the same page… although I would have done the install before my shower so it could be warming up when I am in the shower. Patients is not my strength.

It is always best to tackle any changes to a system with nothing else on the calendar. Plus, if a change involves disconnecting/moving more than one piece of equipment, I literally think through the process beforehand, writing down each step that needs to be taken. To include unplugging power cords and any connecting cables (how many times have you tried to pull something from an equipment stack and realize that it's still plugged in or one cable remains connected?). I rebuilt a fairly complex A/V system recently with 20-something itemized steps written down on my 'cheat-sheet'. Things went smooth as silk.

Here’s a question: must you put a signal through a new amp, etc, to properly break it in? And does it do any good to just keep it turned on for the break in?

I came home after 65 days of 12 hours shifts. The next morning I picked up my new subwoofers that had been waiting for me for a month. I have Devialet amplifiers, which can be programmed for low and high pass filters so they're ideal for subwoofer intigration. Tired as I was, I stuffed up and sent the lows to my speakers and highs to my subs. As you can imagine, I was pretty disappointed in the sound...

I also damaged a driver in my speaker.

Lesson learned: Take you time :)