Time to open our minds as well as our ears

Time to open our minds as well as our ears.

There’s a whole world of meaning and influence that some music
has on us that we weren’t aware of!

Hidden mystical information is subconsciously affecting us when we
listen to certain composers who also happen to be members of
secret societies.

All kidding aside, that’s exactly what these two books suggest (I assume).
Had these in my library all these years and never read them.

Thoughts? I know music can move our souls, I wonder…

If you can’t open the image the books are:
‘Music, it’s secret influence throughout the ages by Cyril Scott
and  ‘Esoteric Music based on the musical seership of Richard Wagner’
by Corinne Heline

Anybody else have other books along these lines?



I don’t know what these books are about but I’ve attended two lectures at college, one by Winton Marsalis and another by Robert Levine.

The first discussed pernicious racism in the music industry and how that artificially divided white and black music, mostly for profit. The latter about how totalitarian regimes felt control of music was very important to maintaining control.

So I don’t think much of Illuminati like conspiracies of magic spells being sent through music but I do think that there’s always someone trying to make money or control society or both by controlling art.  We have plenty of examples of those in our history.