Tiny bubbles do not make me happy, Help.

I have one bubble on my McIntosh C22 faceplate near the balance knob, anybody have a quick fix or do I have to buy a new faceplate? Thanks.
Arrghh. This should have been a warranty item right out of the box. Could you consider it a mark of character, like Marilyn Monroe's beauty spot? Short of piercing the bubble with a needle or small drill bit, then filling it in with a material that has an index of refraction similar to glass (superglue or epoxy?), I'm out of ideas. Good luck.
I put a small piece of black electrical tape on the back of the glass, over the bubble, on my MR-67 tuner and can't tell it's there anymore. Or else you can order a new glass faceplate from Audio Classics for about $100.
But I should say, the bubble was in the black part of my faceplate! I don't know what your C22 looks like. If it's clear, why not a piece of regular clear cellophane tape?
You can buy a windshield "bullet" hole filler syringe device which pressurizes a glue into the bubble. Costs about $7 at auto supply stores and Wallmart.

Thanks for the great tip on the windshield bullet-hole filler syringe. A local shop that replaces windshields quoted me about $120 to do this. Now I can finally fix those pesky bullet holes in my windshield inexpensively. Lucky for me they are on the passenger side. :)
Yeah, works like a charm. There's a competitor's model for REPEATED use, but it's an ungodly mess to use. The one-shot/hole $6 ones are pricy but reliable. Won't work on cracks, of course, but DOES seem to stop bullet-spiders from spreading...maybe.