TNT Hot Rod vs SL-1200G

Thinking of buying this used TNT Hot Rod: Sale description
Fantastic condition reference level VPI TNT table with upgrades. Currently has solid elephant feet in lieu of the finicky air bladder ones that came with the table. Essentially a TNT V HR specification with upgraded stand alone flywheel and motor assemblies. The arm is a JMW 12 and currently has a rare vintage Klipsch MCZ cartridge mounted (included at asking price). If buyer is interested I can sell the and the custom equipment stand shown which has a large top to accommodate this table. Has several other accessories that come with it for setup not shown as well as a VPI PLC.
It seems like a good deal for 3500 compared to the new technics at 4000.
Any guidance appreciated.
I'm sure both would be great tables, so it may come down to what's important to you.  Before buying the 1200G I was weighing choices from VPI as well.  I have a friend with an older TNT rim drive setup and it is quite good.

I've just retired and I didn't want any more fiddling with belts, worrying about speed control, or wondering if feeble hands would be an issue some day with a unipivot arm.  I couldn't be happier with the Technics.  It's my last table and I am certain I won't have to worry about any maintenance, ever.  The sound is also everything I had hoped for. 
I am sure that this TT is a bargain at this price. Like jsm71, I don't want to fiddle with a lot of stuff anymore. I bought a SL1200G and had it modded with a Triplanar Classic SE tonearm.

The stock Technics and tonearm are very hard to beat. The Triplanar brought it to a new level. You can get the 1200G and enjoy with no more fiddling and speed control at a level that the Hot Rod TNT will have a hard time matching. You can enjoy and upgrade the tonearm years later. IMO the Hot Rod needs a mechanic to keep it in tune; just like any Hot Rod
 That TT is a pretty good deal, however you would have to ditch the PLC and get an SDS right off the hop. But once you get those set up there's really not much fiddling to be done. I have an older model TNT and they are a very good table.   I converted mine to string drive and felt there was definitely an improvement.But yes between those two tables I would probably go for the TNT hot rod. But ultimately I imagine they would both be great tables
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 I don't know why people say those TNTs need fiddling to keep them in tune, I never touch mine aside from checking the air level in the bladder feet.    This one doesn't have those so you wouldn't have to worry about that.   People also say that about the eminent technology 2 arms and mine never requires any adjustments. I think people say that when they're afraid of the item and just don't know how it works. 
@analogluvr makes a good point about the PLC vs. SDS. The PLC is much older, not as reliable but might get you ~$200 if you find a buyer for it. Not sure of current SDS new pricing, but used ones come up frequently for about $600-800. BTW, MSRP of the TNT V includes the SDS. The is ammo for you to justify a lower price. At about 20 yrs. old, you shouldn't have to pay more than half MSRP, which you could argue is lower in this case because of the PLC.
The last similar table advertised online was only asking $2550 here including dustcover and +$600 if you wanted SDS. This is the ad:

Besides the good points made above, my experience switching from a TNT6HR to a vintage Technics SP10mk2 & EPA-250 arm (which only cost me $3300 totally refurbished w/new capacitors) was that the Technics was a far higher performer in every characteristic. I haven't heard the new model, but other threads describe users experience comparing the SP10s to the new Technics. If you conclude there that the new Technics is even close to the SP10, that would point me in that direction if I were you. Cheers,
First of all, the TNT is not a MK5 Hotrod.  The HR does not have a removable arm board.  The corner posts look like home made or after market.  If you google TNT you will not see another table with these types of corner post. IMHO, for the above reasons, I believe the table is over priced.  The Technics is a turn key solution and will take up less than half the space of the TNT
First of all, the TNT is not a MK5 Hotrod. The HR does not have a removable arm board. The corner posts look like home made or after market. If you google TNT you will not see another table with these types of corner post. IMHO, for the above reasons, I believe the table is over priced. The Technics is a turn key solution and will take up less than half the space of the TNT
If you are talking about this VPI, it looks like a TNT Mk5 Hotrod to me. It does not have a removable armboard and the corner posts are the inflatable bladder version.
Between the two tables, I would go with the Technics.
I recently bought a Technics 1200G and am very happy with it.  See if you can find one to demo, preferably with a few hundred hours on it.  They do have a break in period!

With all the used TTs seemingly coming on the market; everyone should have Two (2) TTs. Get a belt,rim or whatever drive and one of the Technics ( Old or New ) and discover what was recorded in the grooves at the correct speed. The 1200G has performed well beyond my hopes. My LP12 (Tuned by Tom O'keefe at Overture Audio in Ann Arbor, MI.) and my Kuzma TTs ; cannot extract the info in the grooves, the way my Technics / Triplanar rig can. No fuss, no belts, Easy Setup, Very good stock arm. Wow! And if you want to take it to a higher level; You Can.

Easy for me to say? Get a part time gig. Save your nickles! The Technics are Worth it. You can start with a 1200GR for $1700.00. If you can't afford this,unless you hit a lottery; you are never going to get a Walker, Invictus, TechDas, TW Black Knight, etc. Sorry if I missed anyone.

You can buy the Hot Rod VPI (no fiddling ?) except to buy a SDS and convert to string drive ??? I guess that's not fiddling.

Technics does not make mistakes. Just my opinion; I think you are seeing All these TTs come on the market so that the seller can finance the Technics that they want to get. You will not regret the Technics. I like mine more everyday.            
@testpilot In my opinion....

Getting rid of the VPI feet is an improvement that most owners have implemented. They are a known serious weakness in the table and VPI feet limit performance. That upgrade seems to point to an owner that was doing what he could to improve the performance of his table. IMO, that increases the value over a stock table that has not been improved.
Thanks to all for your - as usual - excellent advice and experiences.  I think that given the cost of shipping, SDS and space considerations, the Technics is probably a better option for me. 
Thanks again!
HiFi Heaven in Green Bay, WI.  for Technics and Free shipping!  This is who I bought my Technics SL1200G from. Good people.
@cleeds  and @bpoletti 

I believe that this is the VPI TNT that the OP is referring to here only thing that the seller changed was swapping out the leaky air bladders. Like I previously mentioned, I have never seen a TNT with corner towers like that.
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I think if you want a VPI, you have to look for an older Aries with a Graham arm or something like that.  The Aries tables are VPIs best IMO
@tzh21y My opinion....

Could not agree more about early Aries tables. I would go a bit farther to suggest an Aries Extended with a JMW-12 arm sitting on Stillpoint cones is VERY hard to beat AT ANY COST OR BUDGET.

That said, early VPI TNTs are quite good and more dependent on cartridge performance than the basic table itself.  Modification of early TNTs is quite common.  I have a heavily modified early TNT that is quite good, IMO better than a standard TNT. 

But that's just my opinion.

Disclosure: I have not recently heard any of the current VPI Avenger series tables, nor any of the other top of the line Clear Audio or other massively expensive tables.
An Aries 1 can be picked up for a ridiculously low price, or else I just got real lucky. An Aries plinth (with cone feet) and motor (in a 16 lb. stainless steel pod)---a complete Aries except for it’s missing platter and bearing---came along for $400, so I snapped it up. I then kept an eye out for an Aries 1 platter (7/8" lead-lined aluminum bottom layer with cork covering, 3/8" Delrin top layer, 15 lbs.) and bearing (1" stainless steel threaded housing). I found the pair for $300, so for $700 had a real nice table for less than the price of most entry-level tables. Pretty much as good as a TNT, some say. All it takes is persistence and patience.