To Couple or Decouple?

I've recently purchased a pair of Acoustic Zen Crescendos. I now have them positioned in the room, and I am ready to add the spikes. The floor in my room is a suspended wood type. After researching whether or not to spike speakers or decouple them on a suspended wood floor, the majority seems to recommend not spiking them directly to the wood floor, but decoupling them. So here are my questions:
1). Do I couple or decouple?
2). Anyone use the Boston Audio Tuneblocks S under your spikes? How do you like them?
3). Any recommendations of other decoupling devices to use?
Thanks for you input!
“what about on carpet over cement slab...”

In my experience, spikes worked best for this configuration.
Cones that pierce the carpet, followed by granite or bluestone or maple slab, then the component - on springs. Remember isolation also acts as damper. Two, two devices in one!! Problem solved! 🤗
I used to live in a house with a suspended wooden floor.

My speakers sounded much better DECOUPLED.

Coupled, the bass was muddy and boomy.

Now I live on a solid slab, and they sound much better coupled.