To integrate or not...

Hi all

Many of you have far more experience of products & change of equipment than me, so... which of you have moved from seperate to an integrated & why? Are some of you having serious consideration switching to an integrated...?

I know there are reasons for not due to the inability to change amps & interconnects. Plus if there is a failure then you're without pre & power.

I'm currently inclined to move to an integrated, preferably tube. Present contenders are PrimaLuna Evo 400 & Pass INT-60.

I'm currently using Octave HP700 pre (tubes upgraded to gold pin Siemens) with phono module, Wyred 4 Sound SX-1000R monos & Audio Physic Avantera III.

The Avantera III are fairly sensitive at 89db so not such an issue for lower power integrated options. 

we all tend to like change for something new even if it is a move in reverse. proper separates are that way for a reason.  typically a much more dynamic life like sound and a more true window into the music.  having just upgraded to sepatates the sound is so much better especially through the balanced connections.  
IMHO your weak link are your power amps.  upgrade them to something special and it will be a step forward.  
@david_ten  yes you're's a very personal thing.

@avanti1960  i would not want to lose any of the elements I like about my current set-up IF I get an integrated...
I would agree about my monos.

I am now considering 2 more - Mark Levinson 585.5 & 5805. Plus I could demo these...