Tonality comparison: Cardas vs. Tara Labs

Can anyone help me understand the difference between the typical "house sound" of the Cardas lineup versus the Tara Labs lineup? What are the sonic differences and what are sonic similarities? I'm talking about the slightly better models from each lineup......i.e. Tara Labs Air 1 through 3 or the Cardas Cross, GC, GR, etc.
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Cardas is warmer sounding and could be said to be less transparent in comparison to the Tara cable. I used both and prefer the Tara for soundstaging and transparency. I think if Tara has a weakness, it is in dynamics. Not bad by any stretch but leans to the subdued side. I used Air 1 and "The 2" both are very similiar with The 2 being a little more refined sounding. I guess I would describe Cardas as the more "Tube" sounding cable, warm and rich but without pinpoint imaging.
That's probably about right, what Bigtee mentioned. I think the Cardas works best in systems that are bordering on "edgy" or slightly agressive sounding. Also, if the system is a bit cold and analytical, you could get away with the cardas as a good "try" cable.
Tinker with both and find out. I've had systems that the Cardas Golden Cross worked well in, and others that it didn't.
good luck
something i have noticed about both sets of cables (i have owned both cardas & tara).

when you use 2 sets ( between source to pre and pre to amp) the sonic signiture of the cable is really magnified ( it makes sense, since the signal is amplified).

for example, the all cardas system was waaaaayyyy to laid back and the midbass was very exgrarated and a heavy loss of detail(it was like a cj pv5 was put in my system). also a noticeable increase in body and added ALOT of bloom.(golden cross)

with the all tara, there was a slight tendency toward brightness in the top octave and a little more forward and a faster cable ( less body & less bloom -(master generation).

what i finally came upon was xlo signiture II for the cd to pre ( this is a VERY, VERY revealing cable, also very coherant) and the cardas from pre to amp (smooth and adds body).

so imo dont be afraid to mix it up to find a sound that works well in your system.take home some interconnects from the local shop and find out what works. i was very surprised about the combination i found.

also the cardas cross is a less "carmel colored" than the golden cross.

For a well balanced cable with a little bit of warmth, you might want to check out the tara decade

hope that helps !!

I use Tara RSC Master GEN2 between preamp and power amp and I use Cardas Golden Cross between CD player and preamp. In my system they both offer a wide soundstage but the Tara lets you hear a wider soundstage towards the back of the soundstage. The above opinions were acurate in describing the tonal balance of both cables. Since I prefer a richer sound, I have Cardas speakers to complement the upstream cables. In my system the Cardas and Tara cables work well together.
I use Nirvana SX between my Dodson processor, and Cardas Golden Reference between my Mac C-2200 pre-amp and Conrad-Johnson Premier ll amp. This is the best combination I have found to go with my Genesis V speakers.