Tonearm Advice--Avid Volvere

I have an Avid Volvere on which I currently have mounted a Wilson-Benesch ACT 0.5 unipivot arm and Clearaudio Virtuoso Wood MM cart. Somewhere along the line, I read that unipivots are not ideal matches for suspended tables like the Volvere. Is that a "unversal" truth, a total myth, or maybe somewhere in between--IOW, some unipivots do better than others.

I also ask because an SME 309 is available here and I know that Avid's native arm mounts are designed for SMEs (and they features them in their advertising photos). I would be interested in anyone's experience with the 309 as well.

Thanks in advance for the response!
Had both 309 and the wb arm. Although on different turntable, my humble opinion is that the act is overall better than 309, apart low freq. in which the sme is one of the best option. Cheers