Tonearm for Zephyr Mk3

I'm looking for a tonearm suitable for this cartridge. The necessary tonearm effective mass needed (7 to 20) and its low compliance make me think I could easily choose wrongly. Maybe an Origine Live?
Thank you for your input.
Depends on budget and the turntable. Most modern arms will work with lower compliance cartridges. 
For low compliance carts there are many options.  I would consider a used Jelco 750 or comparable newer model if it works with your TT.  Well built and great with these carts.
12g / 10uM isn't especially low compliance...
But for high mass arms the Groovemaster (for new) and the FR64S (for used) come to mind within a modest budget

You didn't say what table, what arm length, budget or any other considerations.  

I have been very pleased with a Jelco TK-850L arm, 12 inch.  I have heard other comments about TK-850 arms in different lengths.  That would seem a good option to start.