Tonearm match for Goldfinger cartrige

I have a Kuzma 4 point 11" arm and two different cartriges . One being the Goldfinger and the other an Air Tight PC-1. Im looking to purchase another tonearm for a second arm pod. When I mounted the PC-1 on the Kuzma I was Amazed at how much it opened up the sound and the extra life it brought to an allready great sounding cart. However when I put the Goldfinger on it I found that it seemed overly bright and harsh on the top end. I'm thinking Hot arm Hot cartrige not a good marrige. Any suggestions on an arm that might tone down the bite of the Goldfinger ?


Dear @fzmoi1969: Kuzma 4point is an excellent tonearm design that can drive the Goldfinger in very good performance levels.

Now, The Goldfinger ( that I already heard in my system. ) is way diferent to the AT PC-1 and more demanding cartridge at all levels including the overall audio system is it surrounded.

As any cartridge tonearm/cartridge set up must be on target and say on target means: absolute accuracy, after this load impedance is critical and depends on each audio system ( phonostage and everything on the audio chain. ).
Goldfinger is a first rate cartridge and demands first rate audio system but more important first rate audiophiles with deep live MUSIC experiences.

There are diferent versions of the Goldfinger that performs with diferent load impedance manufacturer recomendation You have to " play " with in your sample.

For years the Goldfinger was the reference cartridge for some professional reviewers as TAS JV.

Here you can read  one Goldfinger review: 

Of course you can mount it in a diferent tonearm but don't think you will hear something really diferent, the Goldfinger " print " is always with and as I said depends on the overall audio system quality level and each one " ears ". Maybe you need to work a little  more with load impedance, VTA/SRA and IC cables from tonearm phono stage input.

Now, I don't know nothing about your system especially the phono stage, we have to remember here that the Goldfinger is very near to be a HOMC ( 0.6mv-0.8mv. ) that could overload some phono stages. We can listen overload as : harsh at top end.

That's what I can tell you. Maybe some cartridge's owners can help you in better way.

Regards and enjoy the music,

I used the Goldfinger with Graham Phantom II.  Sound better than a couple of Clearaudio arms on a Innovation table.
Dear @fzmoi1969 : I'm assuming that you are the original Goldfinger owner and that te cartridge is alredy settle down and in good operation condition.

Your XP-25 is very good phono stage and knowing it I think you need to " play " with in at least two ways: testing the Clearaudio with the different XP-25 gain alternatives and on each one of it with different load impedances.

The in ternal resistance of that cartridge is a little in the high side ( I think as 50 ohms. ) and that could means you need to  test it at higher than those 500 ohms you are using and if I was you I will tested even with lower impedance setting than 500 ohms that makes " no sense " but you have to try it.

That's what I try to do before a change of tonearm because I can't see any trouble between it and the Goldfinger.

Btw, what do you own as speakers/amplifier in your system?

Regards and enjoy the music,