Best cartrige for Linn lp12 Ittok arm.

Just purchased this table and want to do my home work on fitting it with the right cartrige.Price range $600 tops.I've a S.F phono stage with MM MC options.I mainly listen to poprock,jazz some classical.
Thanks mike
You might be able to find a used Troika for that price. Some say it is better than their $2200 Arkiv.
I run my Linn/Ittok with a Benz LO2. On the used market around $600. A superb cartridge - very musical.
I'm sprung for a Shelter 901 for my LP12 - after using a Asak for about a week, and spending a little time with the Shelter 501. While my experience with analog and cartridges in general is limited, I have good ears and the Shelter 501 is famously good.

I believe the 501 is available at or near your price target.
Hi Bwhite, listen to the lp12/Ittok/Shelter 901 with the Syrah and try out the different loadings, I am sure you will be extremely happy.
I'm using a Goldring Excel VX, which is wonderful. However, it is time to get a new cartridge, so I looked into getting it retipped. But, I found another Excel on this site with low hours and have bought it.

That said, however, an aquaintance at Goldring told me that many Linn/Ittock owners (and some reviewers) really prefer Linn cartridges with Linn tables.

Seems there are many great choices, and that all of the above suggestions should give outstanding results.

Next question: which is best phono stage to pair with Linn/Ittock? Is this cartridge-dependent?
I use a Benz Glider on my LP 12/Ittok. It was recommended by my dealer who felt it was the best value.