Tonearms of exotic materials- esp. Carbon?

Regarding exotic materials for tone arms....

I am aware of Alphason and SME using titanium on some arm tubes, and, believe it or not, Technics using Boron and Titanium nitride on some arm tubes.

Sony used carbon "charging" on some arm tubes.

Grado and Grace using hardwood.

Graham using ceramic.

SME using Magnesium for some.

Even have seen what looks like polycarbonate on an unidentified arm. ???

As to CARBON FIBRE/CARBON TUBING- my main point of interest-

ADC offered three arms, Pioneer offered at least one arm, Infinity's Black Widow at least one.

Any more CARBON FIBRE/CARBON TUBING arms you know of?:scratch
On the best arms, wand material will be dictated by the cartridge used. The Schroder Reference, for example, is available with several different types of woods, as well as carbon fiber. It is my understanding that the woods have superb damping properties. This thread is instructive:
My Schroeder is the Model 2, and it has a wand of carbon fiber.

In my stable are others of various materials...

Technics EPA-500...titanium nitride
Stax UA7...carbon fiber
Infinity Black Widow...carbon fiber
Magnepan Unitrac 1...Carbon fiber
ADC LMF2...carbon fiber
Various ones of aluminum, steel and wood.

I believe the whole thing to consider here is weight, stiffness and tone. I used to believe that the end game was neutrality, but I finally came to accept the fact that we who make things cannot even quantify neutrality. We are left with what we can do, and that is make something with a tone we prefer. Tonearms fit into that category, I suppose. Pick one that is competently built, suits your cartridge, and your ears.

Not quite sure where this thread is going. I think I can say that the tonearm must be considered as a whole system. Therefore the use of one material over another is valid within the specific tonearm system. Use or non-use of a particular material by itself does not give any indication to the outsider of the performance. I don't believe I have ever heard a recommendation such as "with cartridge A you need a carbon fiber arm wand." It usually goes something like "with that cartridge on that arm you want the XYZ arm wand".

Win is right on. Pick the coloration that annoys you the least.

"Enjoy music, tolerate equipment" - Nick, no damn dogma, Doshi :-)
Beware of the acoustic energy that will be in the room and act on the arm and cartridge. Having said that, it would appear that a ceramic material would be the best as it would have the lowest resonances. All the metals will 'ring', easily proven by hold your finger against the arm while a disc is being played. Of course, if you have an acoustic screen around the platter/arm, that would be best, also.
Thank you for all the excellent responses so far.

Pretty much, my intent was to turn up info on various tone arm materials used.

I find it interesting that different approaches have been taken- wood, carbon fibre, boron, ceramic, titanium, and other materials.

Tone arm material is just one factor of many in regards to the end result and sound.

I have a pair of carbon fiber arms and a pair of titanium arms in my stable currently, and find both to perform quite well.

I am able to enjoy all of them very much.

I enjoy the added discussions here regarding the effects and influence of various materials on the sound, and do hope to see more.

My original inquiry was quite humble though- just looking to see what materials have been used in manufacturing tone arms.