Tony Manasian has a new recording coming out.

I thought this may be more widely read under "misc audio" rather than "music" so hear me out.
Tony Manasian was thoughtful enough to come over to my place with some cartons and end caps for my Tonian Labs TL-D1s so I could send them on their way. He was curious to hear my Clearwave Duet 6 monitors so he brought over a sample CD with some recordings he's been doing lately. All I have to say is this guy has some of the best ears in the business.

He uses no equalization and I'm not sure of his mike placement but as a result, there's tons of headroom giving an expansive and immersive soundstage with real depth to it. Without the usual tricks that some employ, these recordings have the most natural balance I've heard, short of a live gig, and by balance, it's from the top to the bottom.

The speakers just literally disappear. It was weird to experience it my living room. It was like the stage was right in front of me. I know this has been touted before but I know what I heard in my own room and witnessed with my own ears. We tried both the Tonians and my Clearwaves and my heart sunk a bit, realizing that the Tonians were the better speaker since they conveyed the most realistic event I've heard in quite a while. The Clearwaves needed the port stuffed with some foam and the treble boosted a db or so to approach the Tonians and now that I've listened to them this way, I've gotten to like them even more. It's just sad that after the sale was made and money transferred, I finally heard the full potential of the Tonians. Oh well, live and learn.  I'm happy to know they're going to someone with a deep appreciation for them.

Anyhow, Tony told me that he's going to be releasing a recording soon, but there's no working title yet and whoever the musicians are, they're top grade percussionists and horn players. Tony seems to like percussion sets and the demo disc highlighted it. Going back to regular CDs, the sound wasn't as convincing, the disappearing trick was lessened. Big sad. I wish more CDs were engineered his way. One wouldn't consider a music server or computer audio if their CD player had these discs spinning in them. Oh, and it's just a plain old
16 bit recording done the right way. I asked him what he thought of music servers and just gave me this look and told me to keep my SACD player.