Tony Minasian has out done himself.....

His 2 new releases, " Isolation " and " Not together ", not only exemplifies the talents and mastery of this most incredible recording engineer, it also highlights the playing mastery of Brad Dutz, who is a drummer / percussion master ( he performs on both ), and Jasper Dutz ( woodwinds master on Isolation ), and Chris Wabich ( another drummer / percussion master on Not Together). Not only has Tony exceeded " Drums and Bells " in his technical abilities ( his other 2 are also great ), but the playing of these 3 musicians are remarkable as well. These recordings bring me back to my childhood, teens and early 20s
’s, when I was a singer, and on stage with other vocalists and musicians. The clean noiseless background, the dynamics, the nuance of the sounds and the surroundings, the " reach out and touch " experience. You cannot get a more " live ", you are there / they are here experience, on any other recordings I am aware of ( if you know of one, please let me know ). I have been recommending Tonian Labs recordings since I became aware of them ( from another poster here, thank you ), and I bought these on cd, as they are available, and a downloadable file. If you feel your system is not up to snuff, and are thinking of upgrading any part of your system, these discs ( not heard the downloads ), will tell you, what is good, or bad, with your system. I am not paid by Tony Minasian, I do not receive a commission from him, nor do I need to. These are a must have, for any music listener, audiophile, anyone, who is interested, in hearing the best, of what is available. Enjoy, be well and stay safe !....Always, MrD.
Not on stream services or at the library.  
Guess I'll stick with Keltner on Lab 14.
Tonian Labs recordings are an exquisite window into the nuances of your audio playback system!

 True, pure, reference audio, (to be enjoyed!)... but also, these recordings will  give your system a true “litmus test” for tonality, dynamics, soundstage, imaging,  transients,  etc. etc.  

 I too!!!, would recommend any “audiophile”, to have at least a couple of Tony’s recordings as a powerful addition to their “reference” audio collection!
I own all five CDs from Tony and am very happy that finally someone uses the CD-format to its full potential.