Top 3 BT Earbuds??

So, I’d like to get my first set of BT earbuds.  And would be great if those of you who have already researched and speak from experience would point me in the right direction.  I use an iPhone and have yet to graduate from the corded earbuds Apple used to include with new iPhones.  At this point I haven’t even listened to any BT ear buds.  But at my current job the cord is a hassle and just gets it the way.  So, I’d really like to get a set of good ear buds to stream my music via Roon ARC from my iPhone 12 Pro.  I’ve heard that they have features such as being able to take calls with them in addition to just listening to music.  Anyway, I’d really appreciate it if you guys would help me out.





Awkward proselytizing aside, the AKG N5005 at its current fire sale price of $160.00, is likely the best Bluetooth capable IEM out there for the money. These originally retailed for $1000 and can be run wired, balanced or wireless BT. 


The IEM connectors are somewhat proprietary (but compatible cables are available through Aliexpress)

Obtaining a full seal can be a challenge for some. Plan on shopping for foam ear tips.

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Jabra Elite Active 85 or 75, great seal and these are highly sweat resistant. I’m 3 years using mine on a daily basis and no issues. 

For the money, Sudio E3 earphones sound pretty amazing.
Audiogon wouldn’t allow me to post a link…

Hey, Brett.

First, when you say “earbud” what do you mean?  Are you referring to those things that sit just outside the ear canal and hang there?  Or are you referring to IEMs that go into the ear canal, creating a seal?

Will you need to be able to hear your coworkers, as well as listening to music sort of in the background?