Suggestions for new earbuds or similar

I've been using JBL Reflect Minis for a year or so.  Great for podcasts and the like but not so much for music.  Open to all suggestions in the sub $200 range.  Just starting to do a little research so not sure what my choices even are.  One requirement is they have to be good for movement - ie. mowing grass, yardwork, etc.  What is everyone using out there?

I've been using Soundcore, a model around $45. They connect consistently, are comfortable, have good battery life, and work well with my Android phone. In my view, spending money on wireless earbuds is about basic durability and usability, not on high fidelity. These tick off those boxes. Plus, no  heartache if they get lost. $45, no biggie.
If you are mowing without hearing protection I feel for your ears. Especially since not only are you mowing, but adding even more noise on top of that with earbuds. The horror.

Thanks for your concern miller.  But I've been using a Toro battery mower for a few years now.  Excellent machine, quiet as a mouse.  Always some type of hearing protection in use even with my mouse mower.
Thanks hilde, I hear you.  But I'm sure there has to be something better for not too much money.  Not high fidelity for sure, but maybe medium fidelity?  Maybe someone will chime in with a winner.  Doesn't have to be earbuds per se, maybe some good portable closed backs that will stay on your head well enough.
If you can stretch a little the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2 would offer top-notch sound quality, at least for TWS earbuds.  But both the Anker Soundcore Liberty 2 Pro and TRN T300 offer DD and BA drivers at less than half the price of the Senns and likely sound very good as well.  Doubt you’d be disappointed with any of them — just depends on form factor and how much you want to spend.  Anyway, for sound quality these are the three I’d look at FWIW.  Best of luck. 
@soix Thanks for those recommendations! Being happy with Anker already, you've given me a modest upgrade path if these go south on me.
I have a pair of Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones (not earbuds) that I use when I mow the lawn.  They are noise cancelling and with them on you can barely hear the mower.  They are lightweight and sound surprisingly good.
the beats powerbeats pro are well-suited for lawnmowing--because of the integrated earhooks they never fall out and are very comfortable. surprisingly sub-par isolation, but they sound pretty good and have very good battery life
Check out the thinksound in20 at $149.  I have a pair of On1s from them and they are insanely good.  

I also have a pair of sony noise canceling ear buds that are awesome.  The battery life stunk on mine but I hear it is much better now.  They were like $200.