Top 3 songs to evaluate a system

Hi everyone,

So here is the question: what are your Top 3 music pieces to evaluate a system?

The songs should be complementary to cover a wider range of features, but not necessary. If you only listen to one type of music, it would make sense to only evaluate with this type.

Bonus: identify one good part of the piece where you pay extra attention because this is where the difference between systems is more visible.

I'll start:

Holly Cole Trio - Girl Talk - My Baby Just Cares For Me
Highlight: The vibrating cord at 1:59

MaMuse - All The Way - Glorious
Highlight - The clean guitar and the high drum beat that rythm the whole piece

Metallica - ... And Justice for All (Remastered) - One
Highlight - The first drums at 0:53, but the whole guitar as well

Doing this myself, I realize it's very hard to only pick 3!!

And when you're there...Exile on Main Street is a great great record.
Especially the deluxe remasters with alternative takes
- Gordon Lightfoot: "Me And Bobby McGee". This recording stopped Bill Johnson in his tracks when Walter Davies (Last Record Preservative products) played it for him and I. Bottleneck guitar by Ry Cooder.

- David Lindley: "Mercury Blues".

- Stevie Wonder: "Superstition".

- T Bone Burnett: "Driving Wheel".

- Holst "The Planets"; Sir Adrian Boult conducting The New Philharmonia Orchestra (EMI ASD2301).
1) The old original vinyl LP recording of Herb Alpert's Tijuana Brass, "Whipped Cream". All cuts are great, especially the first "A Taste of Honey".  Simply and well recorded - every horn and instrument on a stage, in its own place, with life like timber and presence.

2) The CD of Jack Johnson "Brushfire Fairytales" especially track 3. A very crisp and detailed infusion of percussion, symbols, chimes and bells as well as Jack's very clear and present vocals.

3) MFSL's Original Master Recording LP of Neil Diamond "Hot August Night". The whole album (double album) is incredible, particularly cut 3 on Side 3 "Morningside". All instruments and vocals are crystal clear, clean and emotionally involving.

If I could pick one more, it would be Van Morrison's "Avalon Sunset" final track "These Are The Days". The arrangement, vocals and instruments (particularly the strings) will pull you in...... 

Thanks for the guy suggesting Too Much Rope by Roger Waters, particularly for the sleigh direction.. I just found out I've probably been wearing my headphones the other way around for a couple of years. LOL. 
I listened to all submissions to the midpoint and quickly realized:

-Some people submitted one amazing tune and two dogs
-This was the quickest way I have ever refreshed my playlists.

Brilliant work!

Keep the good ones coming!

Okay shall I save you the time and tell you the 'don't miss'
songs? Nah, I could not deprive anyone of such fun. 

But wait! I will give you my 3 Best of Best but
you all need to do the same.
This way I learn who likes music that I like.