What songs make you cry?

Fess up, all you macho dudes & dudettes. Certain songs and music can turn on your waterworks. Here's some that seldom fail to make me mist-up...

-The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Peter, Paul & Mary)
-Sounds of Silence (S&G, non-rock version)
-Born to the Breed (Judy Collins)
-Reason to Believe (Tim Hardin)
-Sparrow (Simon & Garfunkle again)
Not a song, but what the heck: the "Yes, Virginia" editorial about Santa Claus
amazing grace, joan baez (she sang it at woodstock) or aaron neville (he sang it at a concert in winter park, colo., the first i attended after my mom died; brings a little tear just thinking about that one). -kelly
j thunders no wonder im having no luck with you and coltrane.

"muriel" - tom waits

"spiritual" - coltrane

Theme song from gilligan's island. i miss being a kid, what can i say?
The saddest ever written is Alone again, naturally(1969). Two other's make me weep because they are sooooo bad: Blinded by the Light and Pinball Wizard(Or some bullshit like that).
The 1954 Furtwangeler conducting of Beethoven's 9th (and sometimes other versions of Ode to Joy).

The soundtrack to Braveheart (I know, I should be committed).

Pachelbel's Canon in D.

The Highway Man by Loreena McKennitt.

American Pie (memories, of course).

On the other hand I never cry. Not me!
"God is in the house" on the latest release of Nick Cave and the bad seeds (No more shall we part). BTW, several ballads on this album could do the job as well. Daniel
Congratulations to all for your candor and sensistivity or just plain weirdness (Alice Cooper??).

A couple more... Cat Steven's "I Need To Know You"
Nat King Cole's "Morning Star"
...Videowise, can't watch Chaplin at the end of "City Lights" without major eye-juice...
It's a song my wife sings called.......
"i'm going shopping !!!"
Makes me cry every time.
Only two songs have ever made me literally cry: Peter Gabriel's 'Father and Son' (from the import "Story of OVO" disc) and Five for Fighting's 'Love Song' (from "Message from Albert"), a song about a couple splitting up sung from their child's perspective. And my parents were very happy...I can only imagine what this song would do to a person who actually went through this.
Estmad; have you ever heard "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack-- beautiful, sad, but also sensuous (sensual?). "Walkin' the Backstreets" by Koko Taylor. Also, Cowboy Junkies "Powder Finger".

Then there are a bunch of country/western songs that I refuse to listen to because of the "tear jerk factor"-- certain George Jones, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash songs etc. Cheers. Craig
Hey, what about "One More Minute," Weird Al's spoof of tear-jerkers -- sometimes I spew tears from laughing too hard, and it's especially funny to see him perform it. As for my real choices, I have to admit that the following have brought tears on occasion:

Cat Stevens: "Oh Very Young," and "Father and Son," and a few others.

Karla Bonoff: "Falling Star," and "Lose Again" (late 70s)

Lately, Tull's "Too Old to Rock & Roll/Too Young to Die," hits a soft spot; and of course I just can't stop the floodgates whenever I hear Ted Nugent's tender love ballad, "Wango Tango". :)
Country & Western, Opera, Rap, and Hip Hop. Makes me cry, my skin crawl, hair fall out, my ears and nose bleed, and I break out in a hideous rash
Craig-- Yeah, Roberta Flack's version of "First Time Ever" is good, but as mentioned in first post I really like the gentler version of Mary Travers, and the ambiguity she wraps the ending in... she thought it would last 'til the end of time (it didn't, did it?).

I sense a bit of denial in the jokier responses... if you're not getting emotionally involved with the music, maybe you're just a hardware junkie, hmmmm??
Anything with John Lennon singing. From "Twist and Shout" to "Watching the Wheels". I miss his presence on the planet.
Well, that's interesting. Off topic I think, but I'll admit that anything by Nicolette Larson brings tears to my eyes because of her untimely passing. My favorite song of hers is Leon Russell's "Say You Will," which isnt on the recent greatest hits cd, but the tearjerker from the same lp is Andrew Gold's "Still You Linger On."

To be perfectly honest, the mention of her name reduces me to tears.
"Let It Rain" - Patricia Barber
"The Dance" - Dave Koz

Of course, there's LOTS of music that gets me misty eyed. Just a sentimental old fool...