Toronto Canada

Looking for fellow audio lovers, currently building home theater system. I am in Thornhill.
I am in Markham. Do you guys have group meetings? I modified my HT system too. Also put together some DIY cables.
Hi People:

I live in Guelph and am really interested in getting together with people in the west end of Metro and KW.

I've been building (rebuilding) a system for the past two years. I reached what I think to be a good plateau. Am I just drinking my own cool aid? Will I really get better audio if I spend another $10,000?
Good evening

What an awesome idea!

i live in North York, Bathurst & Sheppard area.

i am just getting an updated Marantz 8802a in next few days and will be going from a 5.2 system to a 7.2.4 system.

Let's try to get together to meet one another and discuss our love.

Just met in a group where I was thinking led that I have "GAS"

"Gear Aquisition Syndrome" and I agree.

I'll bet most of us have that problem