Toshiba SD 9200 transport rattle fix?

Does anyone know of a fix for the transport rattle that appears to aflict the Toshiba SD 9200 from time to time on varying discs? Thanks!
Yes. I have 2 sd9200's. One had the rattle, the other didn't. The "fix" is a new set of rubber platter dampers. I was told that the "fix" would require about $10.oo in parts (the new rubber dampers) and about $15.oo labor (about $25 in all). In reality, the dampers cost about $15.oo (Parts Connection) and the labor was about $60.oo (local TV repair shop), about $75 in all. I have no idea if I was cheated on the labor charge, or not, but the tray no longer rattles. I hope this helps. Happy Listening