Totem "The One" compared to original "Model One"

I owned the original Model One a few years ago. I kept and enjoyed these speakers in my system for about 4 years until I sold them a bought a pair of JM Reynaud Trentes. Now that I've had the Trentes about 6 years I am again getting curious about what else is out there. I always enjoyed the Model One and always thought I might try another Totem speaker again. Recently I learned of the new special edition Model One "The One" and am interested in giving these a try. I am wondering if anyone out there has spent any time listening to "The One". If so, how do they compare to the original Model One (non-signature). Also, if anyone has compared them to the JMR Trente I would be interested in that comparison as well. BTW, I have a REL Storm III subwoofer that I used to suplement the bass of the older Model One and am now using with my Trente.
Based on my first 50hrs of The One, it shows much more neutral, better bass and clean top-end while comparing to Model 1 sig bi-wire. The price is quite high by comparing to other speakers at the same or lower price-range.
My ears haven't had the fortune of meeting "The One" just yet, but from what I understand; The One was designed to push the model-1 design to its threshold. I'm told the sound is much more neutral, much quicker, and is an all around very "tell it like it is" loudspeaker. I've also been told that The One was never really designed to offer the same dollar/performance ratio as the rest of the line, as this limited edition speaker was built/targeted towards people that have supported Totem products throughout the years.
only diferance is inside capacitors , Totem uses Mundorf caps in the special edition new Model one. nothing else has changed except the price , You can do the upgrade yourself for much less .
Robert333's last statement is completely incorrect.

"The One" over it's stablemate "Model One Signature" has quite a few changes. It has upgraded crossover components which are much more expensive yes, but they are also physically matched to each other with 10 times closer tolorances than the regular Signature. (.01 instead of .1) The internal bracing has been beefed up to reduce any apparent colorations, the internal wiring has been modified, and there is now WBT Platinum connections out back with pure silver WBT Jumpers. The speaker of course gets "The One" badging, but also a thicker solid wood back and a limited veneer. The only thing that hasn't really changed are the drivers used. It's also limted and numbered to only 2000 units. I've heard it and it's amazing. I'm sure you pay a bit for it's exotic aura, but it's also probably the furthest a mini-monitor design has ever been taken. Look for a review in Absoloute Sound next month.
Based on my listening /systems with all Levinson Gear & Cardas Cables I feel that the sounds is more natural and a more well rounded overall compared to the Model One.

In typical Totem fashion, the sounds and size will always amaze listeners.

Is it better than the Model One? - from my ears, noticeably & definitely YES. From a price per performance ratio is it better than the Model One, NO.

But as in all Hi-fi, the law of diminishing return (most of the times) applies.

ItÂ’s a great little GEM for me...