Townshend or MuRata Supertweeters? Thoughts?

I do love the added air and dimension provided by the ultra-high frequencies that superb supertweeters offer. I owned a pair of Wilson-Benesch Trinity with integral MuRata supertweeters, which I enjoyed very much.

The outboard MuRata run $2k or so. I’ve read that the Townshend are fantastic as well, at half the price. Any thoughts?

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I have had both of these units at different times. I favor the Townshend but that was a quite a few years back.

I guess some speakers may need help to provide that additional "air". My current speakers have Beryllium tweeters, and I found the super tweeters no longer necessary.


I’ve been running the Townshends on setting 5 with Totem Forest Signatures that are on Townshend seismic podiums. Combination is truly sublime. Great little company thats been on forefront of innovative ideas for years. Build quality is top notch, as is their customer service.

I have been using Murata ES103As for 20 years and wouldn’t part with them for anything.

I put cheap super-tweeters on my LS-50s and it transformed them into a real audiophile speaker. I was just a test but it showed they can have a use.

I haven't heard the Muratas, but owned the Townshends and I think they are a great addition to a speaker system that needs more air up top, as well as a feeling of more presence overall. Even on the highest setting they're not obvious. I can see how they would be redundant with certain tweeters. 

Are the Murata tweeters still available new?  I thought I read sometime ago that their factory was destroyed.  

Just purchased a lightly used pair of Townshend Maximum Supertweeters w/original box and accessories for $875 including FedEx & insurance. From everything I’ve read, this is going to scratch my itch. Thanks everyone for your thoughts. I’ll post an update after I receive and acclimate.

I have had Townsend super tweeters paired with Mason Logan Montoya for about 5 years. It was too difficult to attach them so I have them on stands just outside the Montoya equal to the middle of the stator about 6 inches form the edge. I have them pointed slightly up and backwards pointing towards the front wall. They add presence and air to the music. Wouldn't trade them for anything.