Training for your system.

High performance things like cars, motorcycles, athletes need to train and do maximum exertion periods to stay in top condition.
When was the last time you pushed your system's performance?
Well I have a recommendation for you :
Give your gear proper warm up and then get a copy of Verve's CD 314 516 114-2. Then allow Dr. John McLaughlin take your system for a ride. Select track 9 crank it up and enjoy.

At 1:30 the real fun begins: Ambience, percussion, transients nice music and guitar.

Keep listening and at 6:30 enjoy the next percussion segment.
You take it from there on.

Remember keep it in shape!!!!

I just looked through the online Verve catalog:

And could not figure out which album you're suggesting. What's the title?
Hey guys let me know of similar "treats" you have for yourselves or special segments you have for testing purposes.