Transcendent Grounded Grid vs Foreplay III

Any thoughts on these two preamps? They are roughly the same price assuming you assemble the grounded grid (about $500). I am not a tweeker. I intend to assemble it once and then leave it alone. Some claim that these will outperform far more expensive preamps-any observations? I will be using a solid state amp. Thanks in advance!
Wow! Ten years and NO responses! I know of the Transcendent  Grounded Grid preamp from reading about it years ago. Most every tube preamp uses a grounded cathode (resistor and cap) for bias. I don't know if grounding the grid instead has any benefit! Anybody have anything to add?
The was a guy Greenvalve or something on youtube using one with LED mods. He knew his stuff and got suberb results. Not sure if he is still around but worth checking out. 
The advantage of grounded grid is wider bandwidth- so its not uncommon to see grounded grid inputs on old televisions or radios.

But if you pay attention to Miller Effect issues (capacitance associated with the grid of the tube) its no worries getting excellent bandwidth in an audio circuit (+400KHz) so it may not be a particular advantage for using audio.

So the main advantage of a grounded grid is that its in a tube preamp :)