Transcendent T16 OTL amp - bias question (& general tips)

So my buddy brings his over yesterday. Enjoying on my Tannoy Cheviot, sweet match. Letting me use for a spell.

Question for other owners: how to check / set the bias? He may have manual but he's not sure. He has 10 or so amps.  

Other tips? Experiences? My 1st ever OTL experience. So far so good. 
Too bad Roger Modjeski (Music Reference, RAM Tube Works) is no longer with us. He had worked on a couple of Transcenent OTL amps, and had even come up with fixes for their "problems".

I don't know if he can help, but I would give Tom Carione at Brooks Berdan, Ltd. a call. He is at least familiar with the Atma-Sphere OTL's, and tube amps in general. He does factory-authorized repair work on VTL and Jadis amps and pre-amps too.
Why not call Transcendent, I'm pretty sure Bruce can tell you how to bias them.
The number is 816-333-7358   At the very least he should have a setup guide.
Hi guys - thanks for chiming in!

Yesterday I emailed Bruce and he thankfully replied back with the pdf manual in a couple hours. Checked the bias, and was spot on. Apparently the provenance on mine is that it was built by Ed at The Horn Shoppe. Then bought by a guy who switched to another brand for his whole rig (Joule everything) and rarely played it. Then bought by my buddy who owns a bunch of amps and rotates. He took my Digital Amplifier Co classic cherry amp to demo in tandem, and a few hours later we agreed to keep the trade permanent. He works in small office and needed a low/no heat amp. Plus since I sold my big PMC I don't need gobs of power anymore. I still have my Will Vincent mod Dynaco, which I would sell but my girlfriend digs the art deco looks, ergo, better keep that for her starter rig.

@atmasphere it's only been a couple days with an OTL. Been looking at your site (so informative). I think your stereo model may be in my mid-term future. 

Thanks @bdp24 for the tip, if it ever need a fix!