Transcriptors Vestigal--Opinions wanted

Just wondering how this arm stacks up against today's model arms. I love the arm, and it has a lot of nostalgic value, as well as being great in its own right, but I would like to know from those who have owned one whether it can compete against modern technology. Any info is appreciated, particularly from those who have had one and compared it A/B style with others of the modern era.

As beautiful as the Vestigal arm is, the sad truth is that there just aren't many contemporary cartridges with a high enuf compliance to get the most from it.The number of really good ones is zero.
Have you tried contacting Michael Gammons (David Gammons son) at
Perhaps he can make suggestions and as his company is dedicated to the maintainence and restoration of Transcriptor tables would be an excellent person to hook up with.
(Warning:)Please don't EVER bring up Michell turntables.Michael is obssessed with restoring his fathers good name and reputation as the real designer of the tables that Michell falsley credits to himself without having ever having paid for the rights.
'Nuff said.
I have on mounted on a heavily modified Transcriptors Skeleton table. The arm is DIFFICULT to set up correctly but when done so I would argue that any modern cartridge sounds wonderful. The problem relating to improper setup is not caused by the arm but by the Spyder. Being constructed of a bondo-like material it is extremely affected by temperature changes of only a couple degrees and warps out of shape easily. Warped spyders cause severe changes to the setup of the arm and thus the arm gets a bad rep. The solution to this problem is to replace the spyder with one constructed of Delrin, soon to be available from Transcriptors England or available by way of them. When the arm is set up properly on a stable spyder it is a wonder. I like them. As with anything good in turntables, you must be willing to experiment and tweak to get the best response. If you dont like the arm, let me know, I may want to buy it. I'd keep it if I were you.