Transparent Audio Quality

We are most of us familiar with the Transparent Audio brand. I have had a few of Transparent's cables. They have proven to be a very organic, natural, good-sounding cable to me. 

A week ago, I got onto Transparent’s site to place an order for spade to banana adapters. Cost $36.00. They look quite similar to generic type brands i have ordered in the past. When my order was placed, I continued to browse. I admit to lusting after the new Ultra (realistic) series. I’ve had Ultra interconnects and speaker cable and as stated, have always liked them, enough to keep them as my main go-to for a long time. These are original versions. I’ve often wondered if the new Ultra are superior - I am sure they are much improved. Frankly the new rca interconnects and speaker cables are a bit beyond my means, although i don’t doubt for a moment that they are worth it.

Continuing, I received the adapters yesterday, and was immediately struck by how much NOT like the generic adapter they were. The plating, finish, and fit of everything was so far superior. For $36! How impressive. It struck me that Transparent is a company that cares about quality. Why else would they go to such lengths on a $36 adapter? I will certainly be thinking of Transparent if I should come into funds that would allow me to enjoy the new Ultras or even higher, the Reference, in my or my son’s system. 

What experience have other folks here had with Transparent? How do they differ in your estimation from other cable industry innovators such as Nordost and other notable brands? I would much appreciate the feedback.





Transparent are… well, transparent. I bought my first pair, speaker cables about 30 years ago. They sounded terrible on my system: solid state with revealing planar speakers. Twenty years later I bought Sonus Faber speakers with upgraded electronics and the warm cables I had stifled the sound (Cardas Golden Reference). I pulled out the old Transpaent speaker cables and I was shocked at how great they sounded. These were top quality cables, the problem had been my system was way too analytical and tinny sounding.

Since then I have upgraded all my components and what they need is as neutral an interconnect and cable as possible since they are really great sounding components. Transparent is the answer…. I upgraded through Generation 6 Ultra… they are amazing. The difference between generation 5 and 6 is large. Some folks say that the Ultra Gen 6 sound like the previous orpheus. I have almost all Transparent Ultra gen 6 on my system. Fantastic interconnects / cables if you have great components and want to hear them. If they are a bit inferior components I recommend Cardas… they are ever so slightly warm and cover up deficiencies in components.

I use Transparent interconnects and they have a great trade in/upgrade program. I was just on their site looking at Y connectors and after seeing your post will order them, thanks. 

Thanks ghdprentice and Kota1. Didn’t consider the trade-in program. I will follow up on that.

Just sold my Transparent Ref MM2 SC and regretted immediately until I found a good replacement at the fraction of the cost. Good cable, but at an outrageous price. Will I purchase Transparent again, NO, and the only reason is because of the cost. I believe you can find cable just as good at a fraction of the price. Will I sell my current Transparent ICs and Power cables, NO, because they are good cables. My only other complaint is how bulky they are. They are pythons. My power cables seem to break at the connectors because of the weight of the cable. This is my 10 years of experience with this brand of cable. I probably will sell my power cables, but I do like my ICs Ultras. 

Hi Harris4crna,

Thanks for sharing. Yes the prices of the latest Ultra and higher are really on the dear side for my rather humble pocketbook. But I get what you are saying on keeping your Ultras. May I ask what type you have discovered to be as good for much less money?

@harris4crna please share what the cables are that you found at a fraction of the cost and with the same quality? 

Audio Note Lexus cable. 

The AN will change the sound signature, but clarity is on par with the Transparent Ref cable IMHO. Plus it matches better with my Accuphase and Franco serblin speakers.