Transport fails to proceed

I have a Cary 308t that occassionally begins to emit static noises after 30-40 minutes and then completely stop. Turning it off and on works on occassion, but typically it then whirs and cannot find the disc unless I let it cool down (it is in the open and does not otherwise appear overheated). Any ideas? Cary told me to jiggle wires, but I thought I would ask here before tinkering!
Carry told you to jiggle wires?
To me this sounds like a laser module or something else is wrong in the transport itself.
You will most likely need to send it in for repair
I feel your frustration. Half of the time my dvd player whirls and clicks like mad at times when trying to read a disk. The other half of the time it is fine. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to read a disk!!!Doesn't matter if its warmed up or not. I've cleaned it, punched it, kicked it and cleaned it again. I'm getting irritated just thinking about it, I think I'll go give it another beating!!!

Good luck........