Transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC

Hi all, looking for a suitable transport for Benchmark / Peter Daniels NOS DAC.
Price under $1,000.00. Priority is no high end harshness. Neutral sound and 3D sound field would be next.
I know the Benchmark is not so affected by transport by my NOS DAC is.

Prefer something in smaller, half width size. I found:
  1) Olasonic NANO-COMPO CD transport NANO-CD1.
  2) Little Dot CDP_II CD Digital Transport Player.
  3) Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport with Remote
  4) Cambridge Audio CXC transport.

Any thoughts or other suggestions?

If size is a priority, I think the NuPrime is compact and under a grand.  I've never heard one.  I and a lot of people here own and like the CXC.  Never heard a bad word about it.  
I have a Marantz HD CD-1 player that I use as a backup. Extremely well made, most of the outputs needed today. Probably can be had for ~ $500

I forgot, Pro-ject makes a couple of compact ones as well.  Personally, I would buy a product with US distribution.  It's a lot easier to ship back to Audio Advisor than it is to China.  
Try to find an old Theta Compli DVD/CD transport. I have been using mine for many years. Their build quality is excellent and overall quality compares to current six figure units. I think the MSRP 20+ years ago was $5K.
Scratch the Moon 260D(T), it doesn't have the small footprint you're looking for.
The Heed has a small footprint though.