Travails of Adagio burn-in...include tweeters?

AZ Adagios have a huge burn in time I know...and until then they can be schizoid...however, my understanding is that most of it involves tight woofers.

Yet my problems are with the tweeters. Both of them have been clicking on and off... they did it all morning...very annoying. When they both are on the sound is glorious...then constricted on one side...then on the other.

I thought perhaps this was the ribbon getting's very noticable.

I'm wondering if this is normal aspect to burn in or whether the tweeters were damaged during shipment.
I dont think i ever experienced that....they did go from ok to great sounding after the first 300 hrs.I would talk to robert about that asap.Mine were shipped via pallet direct.
I agree, mine did'nt click on and off in burn in, though thet did take 300 hours+. Sounds like a fault to me.
Yes, just to clarify. This isn't a problem caused by Acoustic Zen. I purchased these here on Audiogon second hand. I'm sure that they were fine before they were shipped as they are nearly new and the guy who sold them to me has a good reputation here. I think that the tweeters were probably damaged in the cross country shipping process. This is a lesson to always ship on a pallet when shipping speakers this large. I'll try to invoke the shipping insurance, but I imagine that I'm going to have to eat the cost of new tweeters.
Wow. Called Robert Lee of Acoustic Zen who told me to send the tweeters back to him and he will get the problem solved.

Given that I am not the original owner and purchased these second hand, that's a very generous offer. He mentioned that they take pride in their aftermarket service...which is partly why more than 1200 pairs of Adagios have been sold!

Customer Service doesn't get any better than this!!!