Triangle Titus

It is Class B in Sterophile, anyone had actually heard them, and how are they?
I've owned a pair for about two months. For the money they are great. They get along with my tube amp better than the Paradigms I had did. They seem to be pretty detailed and the imaging is good. The low end is about what you would expect for a speaker this size. Cosmetics is only fair but they are put together well.
They are awesome at the list price of $495. I've had mine for about 2 months and couldn't be more happy. I don't think they are unattractive, especially compared to other sub $500 speakers.

The Titus is very detailed and images well. I would however, caution against using these if you don't have quality amplification and source. They will revel flaws in your system.
I am a BIG Triangle fan. I heard a small pair about a year and a half ago, and was smitten. Not sure if it was these, or the Comete. Also heard the Antal. But, most of my time was spent with the Zays(the biggest of this lot). I have to say that they are a breath of refreshing air, in a world of me - too products. The speakers break ALL the rules(including mine). Especially the high end speaker rules. Light, thin, underdamped cabinets. Paper coned drivers. Metal dome tweeters. Simple crossovers. They look much closer to mass - fi designs than audiophile loudspeakers. In sound, they are also different. Detailed. Fast, I mean FAST. Alive. Not thick, ripe, or full bodied. Bass freaks WILL be disappointed. But, there is something undeniably right with their sound, at least when they are powered by tube amplification(as I heard them). In the back of my mind, I always have the idea to put together a nice, cheap, small second system. For a bedroom? Would have a tuner, CD player, a 2A3 amp(no preamp?), and either Triangle, Soliloquy, or Coincident speakers. Cables would be all silver. Price would be under $5K. But, oh boy. I think that system would give ANY a run for the money.