Triode wire silver statement power cable vs Verastarr grand ilussion power cable

Hello ,

i  can not decide , which cable to buy for my integrated hybrid amp   Triode wire silver statement power cable or  Verastarr grand ilussion power cable.

If someone have expiriance with them please advise.



I just googled them.  Neither tell me what size the condutors are.  I could not find the silver statement listed at Triode labs.  Silver is a better conductor than copper by 7%.  However, that is not enough to allow downsizing one standard size, eg, 10 awg to 12 awg.  I don't know if this cable has silver conductors or not but I'm not a big fan of silver for a power cord, one size bigger conductor gets more conductivity for much less cost.  Silver has more value to me in the signal path.

But I have no experience with either of them.  I would expect them both to be good but I'd find out the effective wire gauge for each of them.

I've seen expensive cables of small wire gauge (probably made for low power components) ruin the sound of an amp.


I have two Triode Wire Labs pcs that I use on my digital components. They didn't impress on my amp or preamp though. If you're looking for a dynamic silver pc ZenWave silver ribbon pc is one to consider. No experience with Verrastarr.