Triton 1 or Magico S1 Mark 1

I have the bug to change.   I have an opportunity to buy either of them used.  The Triton is half the cost of the Magico.Have Wilson Watt/Puppy comparable speakers now that are from 1984 and still sound excellent.
My tube amp produces 50 W.Should I keep what I have, or buy one of the options.  Looking for Jazz, and Vocal.  not classical music.
I have never heard that Magico speaker, but I do own both the Triton Ones and it's big brother, the Triton References.  I have them in 2 separate systems.    I was skeptical when I bought the Triton Ones, but quickly fell in love with them.  The bass is amazing.  I listen to mostly rock and some Jazz.  They are perfect for both.  The emt tweeter is very smooth, never aggressive and detailed.  They sound great loud or soft.  I loved the Triton Ones so much that I bought the Triton References.  They are the same sound, only more of it.  I could happily live with either pair (luckily I don't have to)!