TRL ST225 - Goodness anyone else own this amp

I will soon be writing a review on this amp and wonder if any fellow Agoners own this gem. If so, please let us hear your comments on it. I am nothing short of amazed by it. I had to "downsize" and sold a tube monobloc amp and tubed preamp combo costing over $15,000 new. Both pieces were fine sounding and well regarded.

I ended up trading a set of speakers for a TRL ST225 integrated amp. I had never heard of this amp before and was not aware of Paul's work.

All I will say for now is this integrated amp bested my previous set-up and is the finest sound my speakers and room have provided.

I am a tube guy folks and this SS amp is still the finest amp I have ever heard. I put $5000 in the bank and have better sounding music. Now that is exciting!!!

They cost some $5500 new and mine was purchased/traded as used. It had just been updated by Paul and came direct to me once the upgrade was finished.

Happy in MN

woah... thanks bill. that helps a lot. i love my canary amps. awesome sound. very similar to the VAC, tho a bit more transparent and dynamic, maybe less warm, tho I'm warming them up w/ some NOS tubes. your list makes me want to audition TRL gear!
When I say this int amp is better please understand I don't mean by some small margin. It has utterly transformed my music and my audio experience like no other piece of gear.

After "playing" with so many great amps I figured no system could ever really sound that much better - perhaps a little different or one aspect better here ......

No, the TRL ST225 broke through a plateau I thought was not possible or available in audio reproduction.

I wish more Audiogoners were reading this thread as many more people would be amazed and smiling like me.

I had Van The Man in my listening room last night as I listened to his live recording "A Night In San Fran" I was lost my friends - lost in the concert.


I can feel and understand your excitement. I've owned a TRL ST-225 since June or July of 2005 and have even added a pair of their 500 watt battery powered mono blocks, after hearing Howard's (Hchi) before they left TRL.

I even wrote a review back in August of 2005, if you look in the archives.

There are several of us who have had issues posting a reply in this thread, but if you e-mail me, I can send you contact info of other TRL ST-225 owners, who have stories just like ours.

Understand and have had the pleasure of emailing others directly. I am ordering a modified Sony CD player from TRL as I am just floored by Brian & Paul's work.

Take care,