Troels Gravesen's crossover for the JBL L100 centu

Has anyone out there tried Troels Gravesen's crossover design for the JBL L100 Century? I'm wondering if it's worth the current $600 for the kits to do the upgrade. Anyone heard the results? In particular I want to know if they tame the speakers propensity to be bass heavy and thump. I know that's kind of the point of these speakers, but I listen to more than Talking Heads, after all.

I'd appreciate opinions from anyone who's heard the results ... or anyone who has opinions.

cheers ...
My opinion is like worthless Zelda.That being said anybody who spends 600 on a fine speaker such as the L100[had em] is insane.Or an audiophile.Or listens to a guy selling amps that were only used to listen to Classical music at low levels between the hours from dusk to dawn on Sundays.Right.YMMV,Bob
Everytime someone tries to second guess an engineer that designed a pair of speakers it ends up in disaster.

A friend sent me some very expensive WBT connectors and said they will really improve the sound of my JBL L-300. So, I gave them a try. The new connectors ruined the tonal balance. I put the original connectors back and the wonderful sound of the L-300 was restored.

Another friend did a crossover mod to his vintage Maggies. They sounded so bad after the mod he sold the speakers.

There must be something else you can spend $600 on. Buy some new CDs or records.
I owned a pair for years that I got for $100. I thought they sounded lifeless as compared to some other vintage speakers in their price range- sorry, no offense intended. I would seriously think about spending that much on a pair of L 100. Depending upon their condition, their max value in great shape isn't much more than $1000 US. You'd never get your money back out of them. I'd sell them, add the $600 and get another speaker. You can buy a lot of vintage speaker for $1k-1.5k.
OTOH, if you are looking to experiment by building your own, and you think that you may reuse the parts, that might be different. Might is the operative word here...
Excellent advice all around. Which is why I post here ...

I'm fully aware that madness can sound like reason; especially when pursuing the 'perfect' sound.

you can get the jantzen kit for 279 at parts express,,just built and installed it in my century 100s ,outstanding results,,vocals to die for,nice timber on instruments ,just good music.period,,and not some hyper detailed 15000 speaker which sounds like canned music,,and i have owned some good high end stuff but with my 100s and new xover along with a cayin a100t am enjoying nmusic more thean ever before