Trouble shooting a Linn Classik CD

Just bought a used one.  I have another that I have used for 20 years and bought another but when I power it up all I get is a blinking light next to the power button. The main display stays blank.

Nothing in my manuals gives a hint as to what the problem is.  I'd appreciate any ideas. 
In order to do that the unit has to power up. None of the controls work. There is a small light next to the power button that lights when the unit is on. All I get is a blinking light.
   I contact Linn cust serv and they didn't know but said it was likely either a problem with the power supply.
   The joy of buying used stuff on-line.  Too much fraud.
Have you tried it anyway - holding the volume+ button down and hitting the power switch (continue holding the Volume+ button)?

You are getting some power if the light is blinking.

Glad it worked out.

Always wanted one (would have paired it with late 70's Linn Kan or the early Tukan), but cheaped out and purchased 5 of these for $375 total when they were closed out.

I wore out the first one and have been running #2 for the past 3-4 years (one left still in the box).

Gave away 2 as gifts.