try this for mini-monitors-velcro

have you ever knocked your mini montors over or off thier stands. Try this. At your local fabric store or cvs they sell squares of velcro that you can attach to anything.
To prevent your mini monitor from sliding off its stand when bumped or knocked over affix the velcro to the bottom of your speaker and the top of the stand.

Use this mehtod. Take the male version and affix it to the bottom of the speaker. Now take the female version and affix it to the male version on the bottom of the speaker. Now line it up with the way you want the speaker to seat on the stand. Press it into place.
Be careful. If your speaker is of high quality no damage will be done to your speakers finish. Should you need to remove the velcro,do it slowly. No harm should be done.
The next time the kids, dog, or cleaning lady bumps your stand,the speaker will remain in place. I have had my mini system speakers tilt as much as 45 degrees without coming off.
another option is blu-tack...been using it successfully for years.

just another option FWIW
I have a similar,but different problem going on.
I just bought SAP Quartettes----Ever since, I've been thinking of some way to keep the tops from falling off. The bottom is the bass cabinet with cones/discs between. The first week or so, in just changing wires, I would have a cone-set topple.--I should mention I am blessed with 6 thumbs per hand. I know I have to keep the cones and was thinking: maybe 14 bricks on top of each speaker,might help.
I love to use non-audiophile solutions for problems like this. I keep a range of weights from the physical fitness store. I place them on top my subwoofers and speakers that aren't very heavy. This helps the spikes go through the carpet and increases the effective mass.