Trying to bridge a gap between my amp and speakers

I'm not an audiophile compared to the many in this forum, but I love the sound of music. I'm looking to get a new preamp to replace having to bridge my Bryston 4bsst through my Mac 4100 receiver. I'm using this setup for 2ch stereo.

I was wondering if any one has had experience with Jolida. I'm looking at the Fusion preamp and was wondering what your thoughts would be pairing it with my Bryston.

Thanks for any input.

I use the Jolida Fusion to drive a BEL 1001 MK5. The Fusion is a very good pre for the money in the sub $1500 range purchasing new. There are others, Quicksilver, Linear Tube Audio MZ2 as two examples. Buying used opens up other options.
I'm not very familiar with tubes but learning fast.My budget is thin right now so I,m trying to absorb as much as possibe for now.Also looking at other brands.
I had a Jolida 502P power amp that served me well for years, and I found the Jolida dudes in MD to be a joy to talk to. I'm currently using a SS Kavent S-33 (obscure re-badged Vincent) preamp that sounds great, but will be auditioning (meaning I just bought it) a Schiit Freya soon (starting today as it just arrived) that is a feature packed balanced preamp with 4 tubes which are part of a passive, FET, or tube option switching thing, and it's relatively inexpensive. Or WAY relatively inexpensive. Schiit also makes a well regard tube preamp called a Saga that's also tubed for 350 bucks, so options exist.