TT setup in Montreal?

Is there at least one competent tech in the greater Montreal area able to go over a "vintage" (sounds better than "old" ) turntable to make sure everything is working right and nothing is out of whack? I did the set-up myself decades ago when my eyes were better, my hand steadier and my nerves less ragged than today and when I had no competing format in my sound room. I don't want to spend money on buying other equipment before I satisfy myself that my AR ETL One, Rega RB300, Shure V-15 Vmr are still working up to whatever potential this combo may have.
The Shure Vmr you have is the BEST V-15 made, much better than the Vxmr that is currently sold, due to its linear frequency response. Get a new stylus, don't get rid of the cartridge, even if you replace it with a Koetsu, keep it as a spare!