tube amp goes with coincident total victory ii ??

I'm new with tube . I would like to set up an all tube sys consist of. Mark levinson 360s DAC and 37 transport. supratek cortese preamp, and coincident total victory ii speakers. I would like to buy a pair of mono tube ( range 3-7k for the sys . Please give me some advice on the amp .some of my choice are: Cary 805ac, Coincident frank 300b, wavelenght cardinal, amasphere m30 or m60. thanks for all inputs
Your speaker are efficient enough to allow for any of the amps you have mentioned plus many others to work well. At this juncture it really comes down to a matter of preference and taste. So like it or not the answer is still rests on your shoulders. So go out and find ways to audition as many amps as you can that are with in your budget and take it from there.
The Coincident Frankensteins are an unbelievable match for your speakers and any high efficiency speakers for that matter.
They are probably the best 300b amps available under $20,000.00. Their midrange and realism is to die for.
They are a true gem and bargain in the high end world.
Definitely the best audio investment I've ever made!!!
So what did you get. I don't think you are checking this thread. Get the Atmassphere M60. It will be really fast transparent and easy to sell. See if you can get one used.
The Frankenstein would be great also, but different.
My 300B Frankenstein amps paired with Coincident Pure Reference speakers is the best I've ever experienced and I've heard quite a few.
All the amps listed would work well with your speakers.I agree with Dr.David`s opinion of the Coincident Frankenstein SET,he described it accurately.
Coincident is a very efficient speakers. If you do not have any plan to change speakers I would suggest any SET amp. Air tight or shindo will be a good choice.
The actual efficiency seems to be in the low to mid-90s depending on the model. So you do want some power, unless you have a very small room. I find that with most of the speakers 60 watts is adequate, but its nice to put more power on the larger speakers if you can- they really come to life!
So much depends on room size, music genre and preferred listening levels.
My Coincident speaker is 94 db sensitive with a 14 ohm load. I've driven it
with a 40 watt PP El34 amp and a 100 watt (60 watt triode mode) KT 88/
6550 PP amplifier.The Coincident Frankenstein sounds better than both of
these higher power amps. It's more natural and pure sounding, has
superior tone, harmonic overtones, inner detail and nuance. The sense of
realism, emotional involvement, life and energy are just better. It is more
music and less hifi in the presentation. The 100 watt amp can ultimately
play louder (moot point in my case, the Frankenstein is more than enough)
and has more bass weight and impact (but really not a big difference as I
would have thought).overall the SET put my push pull amplifiers into the
retirement closet(it's been 4 years).

Depending on what you like and how you hear, you may or may not agree
with my conclusions. Israel Blume specifically designed this 300b SET to
drive all of his speakers effortlessly and he succeeded . Having said this
you could still prefer another amplifier choice, for a variety of personal
reasons. It'd be ideal if you could audition your list of worthy amplifiers and
let your ears decide.
I owned Total Victory 1's for several years, using an Atma-sphere S30. The S 30 can drive them easily and sounds great. Transparent, holographic and lightning fast. I preferred the S30 to the Cary 805. I have not heard Coincident's own amps.
As you want mono amps and are willing to pay for them,
I would recommend the Atma-sphere M60's. The TV's are capable of going down into the mid 20's. Though the S30 sounded great I felt they didn't allow the speaker to go as low as it was capable. I think the M60 would address this plus give you increased dynamic headroom and the advantage of separate power supplies.
Good luck with your choice.
I'm still looking. What do you guy think about lamm ml1.1.I'm currently running with Butler hybrid tube amp but it is too bright. Thanks
I believe that you'll be very happy with your Wavelength SET amplifier. My advice is spend a bit more money and use the better quality 300b tubes, they matter in a good amplifier.
Winsound, I have Wavelength Cardinals (XS Signature) Mine happened to come in Zebra Wood cases. I believe Charles had narrowed his choice between the Franks and Cardinals. They are both sure winners. We would love to hear of how they all come together for you. Good luck!
Charles, when I posted, your's was not here :) Win, you should read through Charles's tube comparison postings.
Charles, if we were in close proximity geographically, it would be interesting to hear if your tube comparison differences in the Franks coincided with the same in the Cardinals within the same system. We would enjoy good music in the process.
Isochronism (Brett),
Believe me I'd really enjoy the opportunity to do that. As well as fun it
would be interesting to hear a fine collection of 300b tubes in two top level
SET amplifiers. It wouldn't surprise me if the tube preference varied to some
degree with a different amplifier. I don't think Winsound could go wrong in
any way with either of our amplifiers.
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