Tube integrated comparison Cary SLI-80, Cayin, EE

I am considering getting a tube integrated amp in the future and would really like to know from people who have had a chance to listen to the following integrated amps to help out with opinions and advice. Are any of these able to equal the sound of separates in your opinion. I know the best method is hearing them for myself but that isn't always an option. I have gotten so much help on Audiogon that I really like to ask for assistance.

The integrateds that I am looking at for my system are Cary SLI-80 (also F1), Cayin 88T, Eastern Electric M520, (any others as good as these?).

This wouldn't be for a second system so I am really not looking to compromise performance. I have read that tube rolling in the Cayin & Eastern Electric can make them really sing. Any first hand experience with them?

Also intrigued by the Cary SLI-80 F1. Don't seem to find too much information about them other than on Upscale Audio website.

I need dynamics and crave the sweet midrange and highs that tubes can provide. My speakers are 4 ohm & 92db efficient. I would like a subwoofer output, remote, home theater bypass would be great.

Thanks for your assistance.
VAC Super Avatar is a beautiful and excellent sounding piece for you to audition as well.

Manley Stingray is another.
I own a Cayin A88 and it is an incredible peice of gear. Even better with 6550s. 22W in triode will be plenty for your speakers.
I have a Cary SLI-80 I think is wonderful, especially given the used prices and regular availability on A'gon. Cary is a great company for customer support as well. I considered the Cayin, which many like as "the new kid." But the warmth of the Cary sound and its retro looks sold me.

Tube-rolling is easy and makes the amp very flexible in terms of its sound and, to some degree, its dynamics too. The amp will respond to changes and you might have fun experimenting with different tubes. I certainly have.

Good luck.