Tube Matching...

I have a Cary SLP 98P pre amp with 4 matching 6sn7 tubes in it. Monday, I'm taking delivery on a pair of Canary M350 monoblocks with matching 300 b tubes. Also matching 2 (in each amp) 6sn7 tubes. My question is should the 6sn7 tubes match for both the amp and the preamp? I would need a new set octet. or does it not make a difference. Thanks in advance.

Thanks Jond, I'm told this pure class A amp should drive my Legacy Whisper HD's very nicely.
Nope no need to match 6SN7s with your preamp the tubes in preamp and amp are doing different jobs. Though same type you will likely find a tube that’s better in your amp vs your preamp. Have fun and congrats on your new amp!