Tube Matching ?? Maxi-Matching ??

I have hundreds of 45 tubes I would like to at least put in matched pairs......I am not having mush luck finding out anything about that industry....THANKS
What is your question?

How to match?

Where to get a valve "matcher"?

WHO will match valves for you?

What does a valve tester cost?

What does it cost to have valves tested?

I'm guessing a "45" tube is a power valve Triode or something?

This is what I use..
Sir:  I need to mattch Directly heated triode tubes........You can't buy new 45 tubes that are matched, so I have to match them......I would ask the Maxi-Matcher guy but he doesn't return calls or e-mails, so he's not much help.....That why I put this on a "Forum" so maybe a user could answer those questions........I could build a system for matching the tubes for my amps , but it would be a lot simpler to just buy one............Another question would be where is this Maxi-Matcher made ??           THANKS
State side.. I have one..  LOL He is tough to get a hold of. I guess he's still in business

I ordered a little signal tube tester from overseas, just to see if they were worth a hoot. 139 or 69. They make a power valve tester too. Let me see If I can find an address..

I keep a Hickok 539 here, BUT you are reading analog gages.

I love valves BUT I really like a good, EASY (did I say GOOD) accurate tester.. Little Maxi is cool..
Its beginning to look like this whole Maxi-Matcher thing  is a bucket of worms..........I'm going to go at this a little differently and skip Maxi-Matcher , it all most looks like a scam..............THANKS
It seems like if you need any extra stuff with this Maxi-Matcher  the dealer charges a "Arm and a Leg" for anything extra.....Its not looking so good anymore,,,,,,,,,,,,,,THANKS
It's a tube tester how can it be a "scam"? And by extras I assume you mean an adapter?
Jond4:     You haven't done enough business on the inter-net to be able to say that.........I've called the company , no answer, no return calls, I've emailed them with no answers and you think I should send them 775.00 for something I can't even find out will work for what I need to do with it.................Sir I have already done those kind of transactions and they are a complete waste of time, pretty much like this is becoming......I would be far a head of thee game to just send my tubes to "APEX" and have them matched and sent back..................
@autospec Decades ago Tektronix made a curve tracer plug-in for their oscilloscopes. It would display the linearity curve of the tube under test, allowing you to know that it was both statically and dynamically matched to another tube with the same curve. That's the best way to match tubes. Most of the tube matching I've seen simply gives you a static test, which you can obtain from a tube tester. Such a test won't give you any information about how one tube matches another when signal is present.

Fortunately curve tracers are not that complex. Here's a construction article:

Hello to everybody.


I’m from Italy, I have a Company, dBevolution.

I would like to write something about my experience with Maximatcher and the Sales Manager Mr. Peter.

I ordered and paid one Maximatcher and one Maxipreamp on 8 November 2021 (order No. 606).

Today 27 May 2022 (after more than 6 months) I didn’t receive the instruments, Italian customs told me that the attached documentation from the seller was incomplete, The parcel was sent back to the seller MORE than 3 months ago, but Mr. Peter didn’t refund me.

I sent him many email, I wrote him to open a dispute with the carrier (shipment was insured), but he never sent me a refund and I never received the instruments.

I’m going to take a legal action.

So…pay attention before to buy from him